Hello, I'm a Hovland Sapphire Tube Amp
One need only look at virtually any other type of technology, from vacuum cleaners, to pasta makers to televisions and you will see that the most cutting edge designs are constantly being fostered upon the public. In fact, it's nearly impossible to avoid them. There is one glaring and frankly inexplicable exception. Audio equipment. For some reason manufacturers prefer to keep the public ignorant on this account, which to me is revolting. You see, I am an "audiophile". That's the name given to people who love music reproduced on high quality gear. Why we even need a name I don't understand. People who own Oreck vacs aren't called dustophiles.
What's more confounding is while people often brag about what they spend on things: $35,000 for the new SUV they didn't need, 8 grand for a plasma tv, $300 for a Kitchen Aid Mixer, they seem to be not only ignorant of the fact that the stereo they own is bad, many own none at all! An mp3 on a computer is apparently fine anymore and they are genuinely dumbfounded to hear you spent $3,000 on just one piece of equipment. (that isn't a TV of course) It's terribly depressing, especially knowing how important music is to us all.

The problem is they have never heard really good audio, so they don't know what it is they are missing. On top of that, companies like Best Buy now represent the kind of places most people purchase electronics from and high end is the last thing Best Buy wants in the store. Why? There's more markup selling 4 people a $400 Pioneer receiver than selling one $1,800 Eastern Electric M520 integrated amp at right. A LOT more. The net result? Best Buy makes millions a year, and most people own garbage stereos and have no idea what a tube amp is.

But you don't have to settle for it and you shouldn't.

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