Moi Caprice - $23.99
All We Fear Is Love

Dylan Mondegreen - $17.99
The World Spins On

Peter & the Penguins - $11.99
How To Choose A Sweetheart

Luke Jackson - $11.99
And Then Some


All oders from now until New Years will not ship until January 4th. Thanks, and have a great holiday!

You just found Popsicle, the home of rare and new pop music from Scandinavia! We feature bands from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark! While our specialty is hard to find out of print titles, we will also carry many new releases as well as signed copies of current titles. On top of that, we will try to stock some of the items reviewed in the Spinzone that nobody seems to want to carry in North America! So whether it isn't available in North America yet or so old it's out of print, we'll try to have it!

If this is your first time here use the menu at left and go directly to the Q and A page to familiarize yourself with how to order and where everything is.
WE REQUIRE the buyer to calculate and add their own shipping costs and lately many have forgotten to do so. It is very simple to do, but if you forget to do it your order will be cancelled and you will be emailed why and asked to re-submit it properly, and neither of us needs to go thru that. And while seeing what we need you to do, you'll notice our shipping rates are very low too!

Specials include signed albums, the very rare, all new releases (or not new but still in print) and Spinzone specialty items. Everything else that's available is listed alphabetically over several pages in the main index. However, it might not hurt to check both places for something, they can get mis-listed. (that's why it's called shopping) Items back in stock, just plain new or of special notice will be featured at right to inform you.

We believe in information. That means we do everything we can to help you make an informed decision. Album covers are featured for every item, and we will make sound clips available as well. An informed customer is a happy customer, and our goal is to please you, the best music fan in the world. So grab a drink, kick back and be sure to check it all out. We hope you have a great pop shopping experience!