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Here is where you were supposed to be able to buy already finished models. With people waiting 6 months or more for the mod, that turned out to be impossible. I have a few pairs of SMGa's I will eventually mod and put on ebay or audiogon, and if so it will be noted on the site.

Speaker Cable Risers

Cable risers are wonderful "tweaks" that actually have a noticeable effect on your stereo signal, especially if your cables run across a rug. Anytime, but especially during the colder months static electricity builds up on your cables wreaking havoc with your signal. (and adding to any RFI problems as well) By using risers your cables no longer touch the floor and therefore don't absorb this harmful static charge, and it also makes them less likely to be effected by RFI problems. Most commercial ones are ceramic or glass but wood, being non conductive, works just as well and they also match your Magnestands! Sometimes I have sets on hand but usually I just make them to order. The standard type come in maple and are $15 each, $120 for a set of 8. Other woods can be used per customers desires. Pics to come.

Work Turntables

What is a work turntable? If you take good care of your records (and you should!) that will include using Last Record care products on them. (mold release compound remover (power cleaner) and record preservative etc...) To be used correctly these products have to be applied on a spinning turntable, and since it requires a bit of pressure you don't want to be using your pricey system deck to do it. What's more, direct drives work better for this than belt driven models. The problem is most old direct drive tables are ugly, have no useable work surface and often require the arm be engaged over the platter to start it turning.

What I do is buy old direct drive tables now and then and remove all the working parts and re-install them in custom made bodies. It is not exactly easy but if you're going to spend the money and time to take care of your records right, then you absolutely will want a table like this. When available they will be posted below. If none are and you are interested please contact me and I can build one for you. Basic no frills models start at $175.

Work Turntable In Tiger Maple - $275 SOLD

This is a finished work table with direct drive platter. The sides are solid tiger maple and the top is maple plywood. It features an easy to use on/off switch, hand made wooden speed selector and even a green LED power indicator. The selector and LED are not usually included on most tables I do. (they are usually set to work at 45 rpm) This is a fully finished piece with bottom cover and feet but is slim enough to store easily. Click the thumbnails for a larger picture.