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It should be noted that even when sold as "finished" stands and complete systems, Magnestand frames require some assembly on the part of the new owner as it is not possible to ship them put together. Detailed instructions to do this are included and the process requires nothing special and can be accomplished in as little as 15 minutes. Magnestand is not responsible for any damage to persons or property incurred by using or assembling our products.

Since our process is a contractual obligation which permanently alters the speakers we cannot "undo" them for any reason. Owing to that and the high cost of shipping all sales are considered final. If the unbelievable happens and you are unsatisfied with the sound, I will work with you and any future buyer for your speakers as if they were the original customer. To date, this has never had to happen.

First time models are tested before hand to be sure to work properly. Other models already proven are not unless it is specifically asked for, or repair done here requires it.

I cannot guarantee arrival condition. Insurance is the buyers option but recommended. Since shippers can be so reckless I cannot vouch for arrival condition. I use proven methods and use the factory Magnepan boxes however if an item suffers damage in transit I will work with you to resolve any claim and to repair the damage, however we know how shippers are, they don't like making restitution, so you are warned. I will do what I can, within reason, to make it right however

If no shipping damage exists but there is a problem with the crossover when it arrives, I will replace or fix the problem at my cost. I consider the XO design my "intellectual property" and warranty it and its' parts for 1 year. This does not include the Duelund resistors however which are very fragile, and can be worn out by using under powered equipment. If the resistor is broken upon arrival, I will replace it at my cost. If it works upon arrival however it is then no longer covered. Should the XO go bad after the warranty period we will do the repairs for as little as possible and the customer will incur the shipping and parts charges as well. However, if you open the XO box or disturb it's contents without our approval your warranty will be immediately voided, so do not do it. There is nothing worth seeing inside so if it stops working contact us first.

Whether you did or did not have any wire repair work done by us, Magnestand does NOT warranty any future wire delamination. (In other words it is possible you could pay us to fix loose wires, and within a week of getting your speakers a wire is loose and buzzing) This is a defect inherent to the parent company Magnepan, and we cannot be held accountable to delaminations caused by their methods. We have a process we believe can check the problem, we do everything we can to stop it, but we cannot guarantee it. Should you have this happen we will help you to resolve it yourself, which should be easy enough to do as it would most likely be a mid panel wire which is an easy fix. We are also not liable for tweeter wires which can break at any time due to age corrosion.

Since our modification removes the fuses, there is the possibility that permanent fatal damage can be done to the tweeters by over driving the speakers with an underpowered amplifier. We are not liable to repair or replace any damage should you melt something due to exuberant indiscretion. Generally speaking, the more (good) power you have, the safer you are. You will find however the speakers play louder with less power than they did before modification. We will discuss your system with you before purchase as well.

Magnestand reserves the right to modify designs or alter our pricing any time and without notification. However once a job has been quoted the price will remain firm and no stylistic change will be made without customer consent.

Thank you!