Here is the permanent home of all 7 and 10" vinyl discs I review. They will not appear in the regular site archives and if they were they are now removed to here. Since singles have different base values compared to albums I have not used number ratings, but rather have expressed the discs value in terms of what it is and offers.
The PQ/N ratio is press quality - noise, the former rating the dynamics of the record, the second the amount of noise. (these are all machine cleaned discs so it is the ultimate judge of quality) A noise rating of A is none to only perhaps one tick between tracks or at the start. B is slight noise at start and between. C is B but with the odd tick during play. D is basically a bad pressing with noise during play or perhaps one particularly bad spot. F is a really bad disc, which I would hope no new and cleaned record would ever be.

Action Biker - Sandy Edwards - 7" - 3 tracks
PQ/N ratio = A/A
.....Play Speed = 45
Another Swedish outfit, and this time a one woman act as well, Action Biker meld the best of late 80's UK female brit pop (Motorcycle Boy etc..) to a very synth laden score, and the results are great. The title cut is just about as fab as it gets and the pressing is quite excellent as well. The 2 B side tracks are a bit more mellow, the first sounding a lot like early 80's synth aka Ultravox or Spandau Ballet (with even a tinge of Simple Minds) and the second is more playful, reminding me of Sparks. Wow, this is just fabulous. I cannot wait until this woman makes an LP.
Label ~ Break & Enter Value: About as good as it gets.
Aerospace - A Minute History of Air & Space 7" - 4 tracks
PQ/N ratio = B-/C-
.....Play Speed = 45
This was the first offering by this band, and as I have said it didn't overly impress me compared to thre rest of the Swedish scene, perhpas because it's just a little too twee, too indie. The opening song is very reminiscent of the band Nixon which is OK, but the next track Substance Girl has that 60's Ladybug Transistor keyboard riff I really could live without. Side two starts with Better Days which could almost be the generic paean of the whole twee scene. The last track perhaps comes closest to being the most polished. There isn't anything bad here, it just isn't the sort of thing I'd go out of my way to put on, particularly with a huge amount of other things vying for my attentions.
Label ~ Strings Of Nashville Value: For the twee obsessed only
Avocadoclub - Girls Use Deodorant These Days - 7" - 4 tracks
PQ/N ratio = B+/B-
.....Play Speed = 33
I still don't know much about this band, other than they are German and the lead singer is someone named Bendrik Muhs. The title cut has sort of a Siesta label kind of feel teamed to a 70's pop vibe. It is hard to describe actually, but it is brilliant especially near the end when he goes into a talking complaint with the music still going. Bendrik has a very good voice and it helps make the song very unique. The next track, The Dirty Sheet of Complacency is not only a good song, it's a great title. The cuts on side two are slightly different, the first being a quirky but appealing number followed by Kate, a slow ballad. Sound is good for a 33rpm 7" as well. A great single and an LP is due soon I hear.
Label ~ Firestation Tower Value: Ja, das ist sehr gut!

Bella Vista Midway - 7" - 3 tracks
PQ/N ratio = C/D+
.....Play Speed = 45
I used to actually know more about this band but have forgotten just about everything. This certainly sounds like post 80's Sarah twee shoegaze sometimes semi fuzzed my bloody valentine etc..etc.. The first two tracks are good if a bit ordinary and are very Sarah label like. I think this is from the mid 90's but I am not sure. Slightly better production would also have helped but again that isn't part of the schtick. I think the best cut is the B side's My Boy And His Motorbike which has a great melody and a fuzzy mellow energy with nice female vocals.
Label ~ Orange Value: Not a gem, but certainly an interesting nugget.
Bella Vista Was The Last - 7" - 4 tracks
PQ/N ratio = A/B+
.....Play Speed = 45
It's nice that this is a 45rpm record but being so means the songs need to be short since that speed limits 7" time to about 5 minutes a side. (better because 45's are more dynamic than 33) This is from 1998 and sounds more current than the previous single did. It is twee but it doesn't wallow in it, the melodies are nice, the songs are crisp and the only flaw is they should have called this the blitzkreig ep because it's over before you know what happened. On top of everything else, the packaging and especially the records label is great. Nothing looks better than a really great label on a 7".
Label ~ Matinee Value: Short, but oh so sweet.
Bella Vista - Best Wishes Split - 7" - 4 tracks
PQ/N ratio = B+/B+
.....Play Speed = 45
This is a split 7" project from these two bands. The BV side is pretty typical. He sings one, she sings one, and just when the songs get going really great they suddenly end. I would love to hear them carry a song over 2 minutes, 4 even. The BW side is also very good, both female vocals, and the second Beautiful Morning is arranged very much like a Shop Assistants song (horn bridge and all). And again, I heard them both before I could finish typing......this. The only real flw here is length. This also requires a US 45 adapter as it has the large jukebox spindle.
Label ~ Turn Up The TrebleValue: Good but perplexing. If you got all three of these you'd have almost 12 full minutes of great music.
Blochin 81 Groovy Time - 7" - 3 tracks
PQ/N ratio = A-/A
.....Play Speed = 45
Cor, I love this band, and I still have not gotten over their demise. 2 of the tracks here are on the lp, but what makes the title track here special is it opens with a memeber saying "hello pop kids, this is groooovy time.." in a german accent. The only other track is B Side on the A Side which is basically a house dub mix of groovy time. A great record to get if you never heard them and one you'll probably want if you love them like me.
Label ~ Marsh Marigold Value: One of the greats
Bunsen Honeydew Modern Gal - 7" - 2 tracks
PQ/N ratio = B/B
.....Play Speed = 45
The title cut is a saucy little punk rock number calling to mind perhaps a grungier version of the band Rancid. That leaves one very unprepared for side two, which is a slow, very indie and almost shoegaze type ballad. Both are reasonably good at what they are, not great, not bad either. Still, it is unique and if you like 7" singles this one does have some appeal in that area. It has the regular spindle with the ability to cutout.
Label ~ Value: Only 2 cuts limits worth. Material is about a C+
Busy Band - Sign Says Walk - 7" - 4 tracks
PQ/N ratio =B/B
.....Play Speed = 45
Christer from Aerospace sent this to me with the Florian CD but I didn't have anything else to clean at the time so it got shelved for a while. This is a mix of shoegaze, sixties folk and well, general "slowish" indie. Some of the songs are recorded very well, and some sound less so but overall it isn't bad. While I'm not fond of the genre (which has already overstayed it's welcome) this isn't too bad, and at least I can listen to it all the way thru and in fact I do like the title track a bit. The only limiting factor really is your ability to find it, but if you buy 7" and like the genre this is fairly nice.
Label ~ Dashboard Value: If you can find it, why not? You won't hate it and it might be worth $50 some day.
Byrons Girlfriend Hey Beauty - 7" - 2 tracks
PQ/N ratio = A-/B-
.....Play Speed = 45
This single predated the release of his debut LP. (see archives for that) It is interesting as it is more folky and acoustic sounding than the album is. Even his vocals are not the same, and you can almost hear the slight immaturity when compared to what's on the LP. It's slight, but it is there. The title track is a nice medium uptempo pop song which I like, and the B side is a slower ballad that is averagely nice. Makes it a hard call for what is basically one special track. I'd save my pennies and get the LP first if I was you.
Label ~ Pop Art Value: For hard core fans only.

Cessna My Blue Anglia - 7" - 3 tracks
PQ/N ratio = B-/C+
.....Play Speed = 45
With the Nordic world ruling popdom these days it's a bit surprising that Finlands Cessna is one of the few bands we hear of from that quarter. I believe this is their first release, but don't quote me on that one. The single, My Blue Anglia is quite good, very Brit sounding and yes I suppose it falls into that c86 groove. On the B side are Well I Guess I Just Don't Mind and Sunday Afternoon both of which are good and also are of the same genre as Anglia. A pretty good outing really, and the sleeve and especially the label are nice looking. If you still have a player this is certainly a 7" worth getting.
Label ~ Fantastic Value: One of the must owns.
Cessna Holiday On Ice - 7" - 4 tracks
PQ/N ratio = B/B+
.....Play Speed = 45
This is the second outing from these Vodka swilling Finns and it is especially cool as it's on white vinyl with a winter olympics theme. The first cut, Utterly Alone is very Brit sounding, the guitar line reminding me of the Chesterf!elds. The next track Floating has that decidedly Swedish pop groove to it and I think it's the best cut on this disc. The B side kicks off with Garlic which has a washed out groovy keyboard melody which I like alot. This affair closes with Window Seat which has a slightly harder wall of guitar in it and maybe sounds something akin to Bush. All in all, an excellent effort, and if you can burn vinyl to CD this plus the Blue Anglia single will make a nice 7 song collection which would easily rate over a 9.
Label ~ Jigsaw Value: Again, a must have

Frenchmen - Powdered Blue - 7" - 4 tracks
PQ/N ratio = C/B+
.....Play Speed = 45
This is the shelflife debut from this Sacramento band which has everything todays kids who long for the jingle of C86 want. Guy, sometimes girl vocals (2 each), flat, one dimensional record quality, a bit of a wash of guitar jangle, and a sensible melody. It is a shame it seems one has to grow up before the lure of a well recorded song seems appealing, although it did appeal to me when I was younger..... Anyway, this is very much like the period it copies, sounding somewhat like the Shop Assistants musically and the Flatmates vocally. This isn't bad and is certainly worth getting, but I do wish this band would try to imprint their own take on the period they love so much as opposed to trying to copy it so exactly. And do these kids really own Shop Assistants records? If so, they better go listen again, as they are recorded better than everyone seems to think. In any case, if this band can find their own way they may indeed be one to watch.
Label ~ Shelflife Value: Nothing new but worth getting

Go Sailor - Long Distance - 7" - 4 tracks
PQ/N ratio = C+/B+
.....Play Speed = 45
I'm not sure where exactly this US band is from, but this is just a great single if you like late 80's jangle pop, and in fact on the track Blue Sky they really remind me of the Shop Assistants and that comparison is certainly helped by lead singer Rose who has a great voice. (Which is harmonically close to Alex Taylor as well) Paul sings the last track and it's ok but certainly not to her caliber. Actually quite a nice single. I heard they re-released their singles comp cd again and I myself will be looking for that.
Label ~ Slumberland Value: A definite keeper.
Goldstoned - Tonight Lets All Get Goldstoned EP2 - 7" - 3 tracks
PQ/N ratio = B-/A
.....Play Speed = 33
Sure, the opener Happy Street plumbs the 60's Bacharach vibe, and it would not be out of place in an Austin Powers movie, and I have heard this kind of thing a lot, but good is good, and this is very good. Main man Patrick Goldstein has a voice somewhere between BJ Thomas and Holm, and the song is brassy and bold and a bit sexy as well. Side two sees the missing wurlitzer organ appear to make the mood complete. This guy has apparently put out a bit of stuff and this is quite excellent enough to make me look for it.
Label ~ Firestation Tower Value: Even if you've had enough, this is one more grain you ought to get. Great stuff.

Holm - Afterglow - 7" - 2 tracks
PQ/N ratio = A+/A-
.....Play Speed = 45
I only got this because I loved the EP and when the LP never showed, well, I just needed another new song. It's good, but I still want more. Uwe from Firestation tells me it isn't likely they will put the lp out, if anyone will, as Holm has been somewhat absent. A shame, as this is great stuff and I'd really love to hear the whole album. (which is supposedly made) We shall see. Anyway, if you like suave and swanky club music with great vocals, then check this out.
Label ~ Firestation Tower Value: At 2 songs it is mostly for the hard core. Get the EP first.

Kanda - Dormitory Heartbreaks - 7" - 2 tracks
PQ/N ratio =A+/A-
.....Play Speed = 45
When their debut LP came out, I kept seeing "coming off their GREAT debut single". OK, so without thinking I just got it if it's so great. Well, it turns out to be only two tracks, and the opener is VPL which while good is on the lp. The B side is Champions On Ice which is my "bonus" track, and it really is great, and it really parodies early New Order, especially Hooks bass lines which really makes New Order, so yeah, it is pretty great, and it's recorded well too. If that wasn't enough it's got a cool label and it's on white vinyl. That cinched the deal...
Label ~ 555Value: Two trackers aren't always worth it, this is.
Kosmonaut - Desert Song - 7" - 2 tracks
PQ/N ratio = A+/A
.....Play Speed = 45
What a wistful and poignantly beautiful little record this is. The A side reminds me of a cross between say the musical sense of Fantastic Something and the vibe of Avocadoclub. Sort of groovy but ernest at the same time. And the second side is a bit more ballad like, but equally as emotive and melodic. There isn't much more to say. The record quality is great and so is the packaging and perhaps these two tracks may appear on the album if it happens but then again... If you get records, add this to your list. Another 2 track must have. Wowser.
Label ~ Value: An eye opener for sure.

Leslies - Ampop 7 - 7" - 4 tracks
PQ/N ratio = B/B+
.....Play Speed = 33
I was fortunate to get this as it was sent to me by the bands lead singer Tony Ivarsson, so it may or may not be available anymore. This is actually a nice single and has a variety of material on it, having a song apiece from their first 2 lp's, as well as the cover of Marshall Crenshaws 'Favorite Waste of Time' whihc was previously only on japanese version of Totally Brilliant. The last track is a very early (95) cut called 'Cinema Song' from their first visit to Tambourine Studios.
Label ~ Am Pop Value: Great for the long time fan or beginners. A nice assortment from my favorite band.
Liberty Ship - I Guess You Didn't See Her - 7" - 2 tracks
PQ/N ratio = B+/B
.....Play Speed = 45
This UK band reminds me of perhaps a more acoustic version of the Cherry Orchard. (or even what the Cherry Orchard sounded like on their first single, which is going back some years) with a slight country tinge. Saying it was the razorcutts with a country feel wouldn't be far off either. On a whole though it's very matinee label sounding and their UK roots are obvious, the only flaw being this is just 2 tracks and I believe they only have just another ep out, no album as of yet. If you like the genre, it's worth it.
Label ~ Matinee Value: For 2 trackers it's your call. Reasonably good stuff though.

Mini Kyute - Sanctuary - 7" - 4 tracks
PQ/N ratio = A-/B+
.....Play Speed = 33
The opener 'Swinging and Singing' is a very quirky mostly instrumental clubby J-Pop type track, with interjected "do do's" and some Jesus Couldn't Drum quaking duck sounds. It's a pretty good little song. Next is 'Miracles' and while her accent sounds obvious, they say she (lead singer Rio) isn't Japaneese. It kind of reminds me of the swanky club pop from late 80's Britain, like Eighth Wonder, and I like the song a lot. Very dancy and catchy. Side two begins with I Found Out which is a little slower, more ballad like but still dancy with a nice airy quality about it. The effort ends with the title track which is really great too. I eagerly await any LP by them, and no mistake.
Label ~ Joystick Records Value: If you have the ability to play vinyl, this is a must have.
My Coffee Moment - Beginning to See The Light - 7" - 3 tracks
PQ/N ratio = A-/A-
.....Play Speed = 33
I don't know anything about this band as there is no info on the labels website but I assume japanese as all the names are. The lead singer has an accent when he sings, (naturally) but he doesn't have that japanese accent, and instead sounds more latin to me. (which gives his voice a sort of Ricky Ricardo sound to it, whihc IS odd) Musically, it is light indie, not shoegaze, not bacharach, at times like german pop bands but a little slower and with more instrumentation. The voice is the only catch as you will either like or dislike, and that alone makes this a thing worth taking a chance on.
Label ~ Firestation Tower Value: Worth taking a chance on.

Other Peoples Children - On A Clear Day - 7" - 2 tracks
PQ/N ratio = A+/A-
.....Play Speed = 33
Again, another release of another Jason Sweeney project. Between him and that Tally Wacker they must account for 80% of all the indie releases of the past 5 years. At least it seems like it. This is exactly like Jasons Simpatico stuff, with Sweet William guitars and melodies and New Order synths. Both tracks are good, and are recorded and pressed out the ass. (an EXCELLENT sounding 7") but the bigger question is do I really care? His songs are all so similar and I am so inundated with them I really can't tell them apart and at only 2 tracks it makes one wonder at the value of this.
Label ~ Morr MusicValue: Go buy Sweet Williams Ambiguous EP instead.

Permer - Charlotte - 7" - 2 tracks
PQ/N ratio = B+/A-
.....Play Speed = 45
This is the single that predated his debut (and excellent) album. Musically it is just like that material, very dancy, sort of Pet Shop Boy like and very accessable. Normally, 2 song singles are not the sort of thing to get enthusiastic about, but if you liked his album (or have not even heard it) this is something you're going to want to add to your collection.
Label ~ LabradorValue: The odd 2 song keeper.
Pillow - The Intruder - 7" - 3 tracks
PQ/N ratio = B+/B
.....Play Speed = 45
I was told by Uwe at Firestation when asking about the band Charlots that they were no more, some members now belonging to this other Swedish band. Now, none of them are listed on this single so it must predate that, but Pillow as well have not released anything since this. (that I am aware of at this writing) That's probably for the best as this is not very good, it is a bit disjointed musically and the vocals are not so great. (by ANY standards) It's rare that swedish bands depress me, but this one does in spades.
Label ~ Firestation TowerValue: Little to none.
Pipas - A Short Film About Sleeping - 7" - 3 tracks
PQ/N ratio = A-/B-
.....Play Speed = 45
This is the debut single of this band who's recent LP came in at a 10 when it was reviewed. This I wasn't sure of when I first heard it though. The title track is cute with a catchy and interesting keyboard riff. The tracks on side two are a bit odd however and not exactly stellar. You can hear the promise, at least now that I've heard the promise, but then I thought it fell a little short. If you have and love the LP you'll want this, otherwise I advise getting that first as this may put you off as it is only a mirror of the sound they would hone on that release.
Label ~ MatineeValue: Best for those really into this band.

Slipslide - Sleeptalk - 7" - 2 tracks
PQ/N ratio =C+/B+
.....Play Speed = 45
I think this was the last single before the debut LP (which is now out) and the title track displays a much fuller (almost C86) pop style than Graemes earlier songs. The B side is more akin to earlier stuff but still, it too seems to carry a fuller presence than the older material. I portended well for the album which I now have just gotten but have not heard yet. (the B side here is NOT on the LP) So that's basically what you're buying this for if you plan to get the LP.
Label ~ Matinee Value: Excellent, but for hard core fans only as it's 1 "obscure" track out.
Starlet - Diary & Herself - 7" - 2 tracks
PQ/N ratio =A/B+
.....Play Speed = 45
I got this back when simply as I adored Starlet, even though it only had 1 extra track on it, the title track being on their second LP. That song is of course completely brilliant and heart rending, but I was sad to say deprerssed by the B side here, "Long Lost Love" which actually IS too bereft of even melody. Possibly the most morose song ever, and the only song Starlet ever made I don't like. At least I have the single, right?
Label ~ Parasol Value: None. Even if you love them, stay away from this one.
Rock Stone - Cherry Vanilla - 7" - 2 tracks
PQ/N ratio =A/A
.....Play Speed = 45
OK, so I get contacted one day late last year by some guy calling himself Rock Stone who wants to send me his new single. (yeah, that's what I thought too) I was so busy and it was near Christmas so I passed on a clip and told him to just send it. Turns out he used to be the guitarist in Lifestyle, the band Fosca was to tour the states with this past december until it fell thru. Rock (or Aug) then left that band and put out this single, and is currently working on an album. On the press sheet he sent, he looks like he's only 17 years old too. (claims he's 25) So what does this sound like? It really is a cross between later Jesus and Mary Chain (less feedback) and New Order. And his voice also reminds me of William Reid, not only in that it sounds like it but he sort of talk sings like William does. I think he has some work to do to make it ideal, but it certainly has promise. The title cut is a very good song, danceable as well with just enough edge to please the hard core. The B side, When U Look Away is actually even better I think, very melodic and synthtronic and quite New Order like. I told him if he could make an album full of this I'd put it out myself! He's trying to get this available at the usual suspects, but until then give him a visit at You'll be glad you did. I was.
Label ~ Plastic Pancake Value: A pleasant surprise.
Sweet William - Dutch Mother - 7" - 3 tracks
PQ/N ratio =C+/B-
.....Play Speed = 45/33
I confess I got this at the time because the cover was so rough trade /smith looking I had to have it. (this was some years ago already and I had not heard of sweet william, or matinee) This also has the notoriety of being the very first Matinee single, which I suppose makes it a collectors item now. It's also odd in that it's a split single as the A side is 45 rpm and the B is 33. This 7" introduced me to a sound I loved (but that would become TOO familiar over the next couple of years), yet at the time it was very welcome and I still prefer this to his newer simpatico stuff I think. A must own if you can find one, and there's the rub.
Label ~ Matinee Value: A must own modern pop classic.
Sweet William - Lovely Norman - 7" - 3 tracks
PQ/N ratio =B/B
.....Play Speed = 45/33
Matinee six sees the second single by this band and there is a degree of difference here, as there is the odd salsa feel and a bit more experimentation which I like. I think these first two singles and the Ambiguous EP would have made a fine LP together, and perhaps one day it will all get re-released that way. I think it still ranks as some of his freshest work, and the ambiguous ep his greatest moment. As before, your only limiting factor is finding this. If you do, don't flinch, buy it. It has his wistful quality in spades and just lovely songs.
Label ~ Matinee Value: A classic of pop

Vermont Sugar House - Braveheart - 7" - 2 tracks
PQ/N ratio =A/B
.....Play Speed = 45
The minute the title track plays it's hard to disguise that this is Martin King of the Desert Wolves in his newest incarnation. Every blissfull and melodic guitar pop moment of it reminds you of that great band and makes you wonder why he isn't more well know. He certainly ought to be. I keep meaning to ask Uwe if there are any plans for an LP and if I find out I will let you know. Until then look for this.
Label ~ Firestation Value: Great guitar pop. Who needs more?